“I will not sing today” (Bagyavana Az) by Dinanath Nadim

I will not sing today,

I will not sing

of roses and of bulbuls

of irises and hyacinths.

I will not sing

Those drunken and ravishing

Dulcet and sleepy-eyed songs.

No more such songs for me!

I will not sing those songs today.

Dust clouds of war have robbed the iris of her hue,

The bulbul lies silenced by the thunderous roar of


Chains are all a-jingle in the haunts of hyacinths.

A haze has blinded lightning’s eyes,

Hill and mountain lie crouched in fear,

And black death

Holds all cloud tops in its embrace.

I will not sing today

For the wily warmonger lies in ambush for my land.